porttracker.co is a real time Logbook for entire port operations on the water side, AIS is one of the main sources for this.

The AIS data is provided by a dedicated network of receivers,Ports are then mapped to identify berths and other key locations.

PortTracker analyse data from AIS and other sources to monitor and manage event inside ports or shipyards.

The information that porttracker produces can be used for incident investigation, training, checking time stamps for operations and invoicing.

In addition to providing detailed emissions reports by port, region and fleet can be produced.

A special module is that porttracker supports operators of workboats, such as tugs or pilot vessels.

Port Tracker iidentifies parameters for tug mobilisation, including berth, job start, job end and demobilisation events. porttracker estimates emissions and fuel used for mobilisation and demobilisation and operations not under pilot’s orders.

This software can provide an overview of daily operations and transit times between critical areas in ports and can also be used for monitoring, reporting and verification of emissions for the whole port operations.

porttracker relies on the EPA Standard for maritime emission reporting and can produce this reports on a daily base.